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Vacuum Pump Servicing

For many years we have specialised in vacuum pump services, both routine pump repairs and complete workshop refurbishment from all major brands of vacuum pumps. From the larger Piston and Booster pumps, to smaller single phase, two phase or scroll pumps including Stokes, Edwards, Leybold, Busch, Alcatel and many others…

Vacuum Pump Servicing and Repair

Our vacuum pump services will keep your production running smoothly and efficiently. Choose AVE for the highest standards of professionalism, specialist knowledge and expertise, with a fast, friendly and reliable, honest service. Customer experience is everything!

Timely maintenance of your vacuum pump assets is essential to ensure optimum production efficiency with minimal downtime.

All major vacuum pump servicing is carried out at our Thornbury site, as we have the equipment in our workshop that includes a powerful garnet blaster and jet washing / steam cleaning facilities, providing exceptional metal component cleaning, degreasing and finishing.

Every pump sent to us is inspected totally free of charge prior to a fixed and firm quotation. 

We have good faith in the standard and quality of our work and provide a full 3 month warranty on it.*

Our vacuum pump servicing package includes a free loan pump to keep you fully operational.

We can also offer an Annual Service Contract arrangement, providing routine inspection and interim servicing of vacuum pumps on site. Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your production running smoothly.

Repairs if necessary include block re-machining and end cover re-grinding.

We hold an extensive stock of Stokes, Edwards and DVP spare parts, including piston slides, eccentrics, motors and Shafts as well as all of the consumable items like filters and oil, giving an increased speed in turnaround, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for prices and delivery.